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For Intown (PYSA):
- The schedules listed on this page have been finalized as of 30-March-2019.
- For Grades 3-4 and 5-6, the Home team wears blue and the Away team wears white.

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PYSA - Grade K

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34076SaturdayApr 20, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2ArgentinaCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
34080SaturdayApr 20, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3BrazilEnglandU-6 Saturday A
34084SaturdayApr 20, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 1ColombiaChileU-6 Saturday A
34082SaturdayApr 20, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3ItalyUruguayU-6 Saturday B
34086SaturdayApr 20, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2USAVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
34078SaturdayApr 20, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 1PortugalSpainU-6 Saturday B
34032SaturdayMay 11, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2BrazilChileU-6 Saturday A
34036SaturdayMay 11, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3CroatiaEnglandU-6 Saturday A
34028SaturdayMay 11, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 1ArgentinaColombiaU-6 Saturday A
34034SaturdayMay 11, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3ItalyVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
34038SaturdayMay 11, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2SpainUruguayU-6 Saturday B
34030SaturdayMay 11, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 1PortugalUSAU-6 Saturday B
34040SaturdayMay 18, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3EnglandArgentinaU-6 Saturday A
34044SaturdayMay 18, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 1ChileCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
34048SaturdayMay 18, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2ColombiaBrazilU-6 Saturday A
34046SaturdayMay 18, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3VenezuelaSpainU-6 Saturday B
34050SaturdayMay 18, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2USAItalyU-6 Saturday B
34042SaturdayMay 18, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 1UruguayPortugalU-6 Saturday B
34060SaturdayJun 1, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2ChileEnglandU-6 Saturday A
34052SaturdayJun 1, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3ArgentinaBrazilU-6 Saturday A
34056SaturdayJun 1, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 1ColombiaCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
34062SaturdayJun 1, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3VenezuelaUruguayU-6 Saturday B
34058SaturdayJun 1, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 1USASpainU-6 Saturday B
34054SaturdayJun 1, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2PortugalItalyU-6 Saturday B
34072SaturdayJun 8, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3CroatiaBrazilU-6 Saturday A
34068SaturdayJun 8, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2EnglandColombiaU-6 Saturday A
34064SaturdayJun 8, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 1ChileArgentinaU-6 Saturday A
34066SaturdayJun 8, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 1VenezuelaPortugalU-6 Saturday B
34074SaturdayJun 8, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3SpainItalyU-6 Saturday B
34070SaturdayJun 8, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2UruguayUSAU-6 Saturday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34488SundayApr 14, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4GREECEBOLIVIAU-8 Sunday A
34494SundayApr 14, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5CHILEPORTUGALU-8 Sunday A
34491SundayApr 14, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5BRAZILGERMANYU-8 Sunday B
34503SundayApr 14, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4ITALYFRANCEU-8 Sunday B
34497SundayApr 14, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3KENYAPERUU-8 Sunday B
34506SundayApr 28, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5GREECECHILEU-8 Sunday A
34500SundayApr 28, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4BOLIVIAPORTUGALU-8 Sunday A
34521SundayApr 28, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5BRAZILKENYAU-8 Sunday B
34515SundayApr 28, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4PERUITALYU-8 Sunday B
34509SundayApr 28, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GERMANYFRANCEU-8 Sunday B
34512SundayMay 5, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5CHILEBOLIVIAU-8 Sunday A
34518SundayMay 5, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4PORTUGALGREECEU-8 Sunday A
34533SundayMay 5, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5ITALYBRAZILU-8 Sunday B
34527SundayMay 5, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4KENYAGERMANYU-8 Sunday B
34539SundayMay 5, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3FRANCEPERUU-8 Sunday B
34530SundayMay 12, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5PORTUGALCHILEU-8 Sunday A
34524SundayMay 12, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4BOLIVIAGREECEU-8 Sunday A
34551SundayMay 12, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4BRAZILFRANCEU-8 Sunday B
34557SundayMay 12, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5KENYAITALYU-8 Sunday B
34545SundayMay 12, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GERMANYPERUU-8 Sunday B
34542SundayMay 19, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5CHILEGREECEU-8 Sunday A
34536SundayMay 19, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4PORTUGALBOLIVIAU-8 Sunday A
34563SundayMay 19, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5ITALYGERMANYU-8 Sunday B
34569SundayMay 19, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4FRANCEKENYAU-8 Sunday B
34575SundayMay 19, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3PERUBRAZILU-8 Sunday B
34548SundayJun 2, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5BOLIVIACHILEU-8 Sunday A
34554SundayJun 2, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4GREECEPORTUGALU-8 Sunday A
34587SundayJun 2, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4FRANCEITALYU-8 Sunday B
34581SundayJun 2, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5GERMANYBRAZILU-8 Sunday B
34584SundayJun 2, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3PERUKENYAU-8 Sunday B
34566SundayJun 9, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5CHILEPORTUGALU-8 Sunday A
34560SundayJun 9, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4GREECEBOLIVIAU-8 Sunday A
34593SundayJun 9, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4ITALYPERUU-8 Sunday B
34596SundayJun 9, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 5KENYABRAZILU-8 Sunday B
34590SundayJun 9, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3FRANCEGERMANYU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34612SundayApr 14, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1ZAMBIAAUSTRALIAU-8 Sunday A
34618SundayApr 14, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2MEXICOROMANIAU-8 Sunday A
34606SundayApr 14, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3KOREAJAMAICAU-8 Sunday A
34615SundayApr 14, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ETHIOPIAARGENTINAU-8 Sunday B
34609SundayApr 14, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1URUGUAYJAPANU-8 Sunday B
34624SundayApr 28, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3JAMAICAROMANIAU-8 Sunday A
34630SundayApr 28, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1AUSTRALIAMEXICOU-8 Sunday A
34636SundayApr 28, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2KOREAZAMBIAU-8 Sunday A
34621SundayApr 28, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2JAPANARGENTINAU-8 Sunday B
34627SundayApr 28, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1URUGUAYETHIOPIAU-8 Sunday B
34642SundayMay 5, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3ZAMBIAJAMAICAU-8 Sunday A
34648SundayMay 5, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2MEXICOKOREAU-8 Sunday A
34654SundayMay 5, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1ROMANIAAUSTRALIAU-8 Sunday A
34633SundayMay 5, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ETHIOPIAJAPANU-8 Sunday B
34639SundayMay 5, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ARGENTINAURUGUAYU-8 Sunday B
34660SundayMay 12, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2JAMAICAAUSTRALIAU-8 Sunday A
34666SundayMay 12, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3KOREAROMANIAU-8 Sunday A
34672SundayMay 12, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1ZAMBIAMEXICOU-8 Sunday A
34651SundayMay 12, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ARGENTINAETHIOPIAU-8 Sunday B
34645SundayMay 12, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1JAPANURUGUAYU-8 Sunday B
34690SundayMay 19, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3AUSTRALIAKOREAU-8 Sunday A
34678SundayMay 19, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2MEXICOJAMAICAU-8 Sunday A
34684SundayMay 19, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1ROMANIAZAMBIAU-8 Sunday A
34657SundayMay 19, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ARGENTINAJAPANU-8 Sunday B
34663SundayMay 19, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ETHIOPIAURUGUAYU-8 Sunday B
34705SundayJun 2, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2ROMANIAMEXICOU-8 Sunday A
34696SundayJun 2, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3JAMAICAKOREAU-8 Sunday A
34702SundayJun 2, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1AUSTRALIAZAMBIAU-8 Sunday A
34675SundayJun 2, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2URUGUAYARGENTINAU-8 Sunday B
34669SundayJun 2, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1JAPANETHIOPIAU-8 Sunday B
34714SundayJun 9, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2ZAMBIAKOREAU-8 Sunday A
34708SundayJun 9, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3ROMANIAJAMAICAU-8 Sunday A
34711SundayJun 9, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1MEXICOAUSTRALIAU-8 Sunday A
34687SundayJun 9, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ETHIOPIAARGENTINAU-8 Sunday B
34681SundayJun 9, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1URUGUAYJAPANU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34276SaturdayApr 20, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsTigers U-10 Boys
34274SaturdayApr 20, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1PanthersMustangs U-10 Boys
34260SaturdayMay 11, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1MustangsTigers U-10 Boys
34258SaturdayMay 11, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1PanthersJaguars U-10 Boys
34264SaturdayMay 18, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersJaguars U-10 Boys
34262SaturdayMay 18, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsPanthers U-10 Boys
34268SaturdayJun 1, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsMustangs U-10 Boys
34256SaturdayJun 1, 20199:50AM U-10 Field 2MustangsJaguars U-10 Boys
34266SaturdayJun 1, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers U-10 Boys
34254SaturdayJun 1, 201911:15AM U-10 Field 2TigersPanthers U-10 Boys
34250TuesdayJun 4, 20196:15PMU-10 Field 1PanthersMustangs U-10 Boys
34252WednesdayJun 5, 20196:15PMU-10 Field 1JaguarsTigers U-10 Boys
34272SaturdayJun 8, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersMustangs U-10 Boys
34270SaturdayJun 8, 20198:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsPanthers U-10 Boys

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34290SaturdayMay 11, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveDolphins U-10 Girls
34292SaturdayMay 11, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1StingraysSharks U-10 Girls
34278SaturdayMay 11, 20191:00PM U-10 Field 2DolphinsTidal Wave U-10 Girls
34280SaturdayMay 11, 20192:30PM U-10 Field 2SharksStingrays U-10 Girls
34296SaturdayMay 18, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1SharksDolphins U-10 Girls
34306SaturdayMay 18, 201911:30AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveStingrays U-10 Girls
34294SaturdayMay 18, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1StingraysTidal Wave U-10 Girls
34308SaturdayMay 18, 20191:00PM U-10 Field 2DolphinsSharks U-10 Girls
34286ThursdayMay 30, 20195:00PMU-10 Field 1SharksTidal Wave U-10 Girls
34288ThursdayMay 30, 20196:15PMU-10 Field 1StingraysDolphins U-10 Girls
34300SaturdayJun 1, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsStingrays U-10 Girls
34298SaturdayJun 1, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveSharks U-10 Girls
34284ThursdayJun 6, 20195:00PMU-10 Field 1DolphinsSharks U-10 Girls
34282ThursdayJun 6, 20196:15PMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveStingrays U-10 Girls
34302SaturdayJun 8, 201911:00AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsTidal Wave U-10 Girls
34304SaturdayJun 8, 201911:00AM U-10 Field 2SharksStingrays U-10 Girls

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34370SaturdayApr 20, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8UnitedRed Bulls U-12 Boys
34358SaturdayMay 11, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8UnitedRed Bulls U-12 Boys
34361SaturdayMay 18, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsUnited U-12 Boys
34349SaturdayMay 18, 20191:00PMU-12 Field 8UnitedRed Bulls U-12 Boys
34364SaturdayJun 1, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8UnitedRed Bulls U-12 Boys
34367SaturdayJun 8, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsUnited U-12 Boys
34355SaturdayJun 15, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsUnited U-12 Boys

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34747SaturdayApr 20, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8BreakersFreedom U-12 Girls
34735SaturdayMay 11, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8BreakersFreedom U-12 Girls
34738SaturdayMay 18, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomBreakers U-12 Girls
34729SaturdayMay 18, 201910:00AMU-12 Field 8BreakersFreedom U-12 Girls
34741SaturdayJun 1, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8BreakersFreedom U-12 Girls
34744SaturdayJun 8, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomBreakers U-12 Girls
34726SaturdayJun 15, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomBreakers U-12 Girls

PYSA - Grades 7 & 8 Co-ed

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
34465SundayApr 14, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Blue Jays CoedHawks CoedGrade 8 Co-ed
34468SundayApr 28, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks CoedBlue Jays CoedGrade 8 Co-ed
34474SundayMay 12, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks CoedBlue Jays CoedGrade 8 Co-ed
34477SundayMay 19, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Blue Jays CoedHawks CoedGrade 8 Co-ed
34480SundayJun 2, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks CoedBlue Jays CoedGrade 8 Co-ed
34483SundayJun 9, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Blue Jays CoedHawks CoedGrade 8 Co-ed