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- For Grades 3-4 and 5-6, the Home team wears blue and the Away team wears white.

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PYSA - Grade K

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
37011SaturdaySep 14, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2CroatiaEgyptU-6 Saturday A
37023SaturdaySep 14, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4GermanyDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
37017SaturdaySep 14, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3FranceBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
37008SaturdaySep 14, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2SwedenMexicoU-6 Saturday B
37002SaturdaySep 14, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3NetherlandsUSAU-6 Saturday B
37059SaturdaySep 21, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3DenmarkBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
37053SaturdaySep 21, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4GermanyCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
37047SaturdaySep 21, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2FranceEgyptU-6 Saturday A
37026SaturdaySep 21, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3SwedenUSAU-6 Saturday B
37032SaturdaySep 21, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2NetherlandsMexicoU-6 Saturday B
37077SaturdaySep 28, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3GermanyEgyptU-6 Saturday A
37080SaturdaySep 28, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2FranceDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
37083SaturdaySep 28, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4CroatiaBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
37056SaturdaySep 28, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3NetherlandsSwedenU-6 Saturday B
37050SaturdaySep 28, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2MexicoUSAU-6 Saturday B
36981SaturdayOct 5, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3CroatiaDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
36975SaturdayOct 5, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2BelgiumEgyptU-6 Saturday A
36987SaturdayOct 5, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4FranceGermanyU-6 Saturday A
36984SaturdayOct 5, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3NetherlandsSwedenU-6 Saturday B
36978SaturdayOct 5, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2MexicoUSAU-6 Saturday B
36993SaturdayOct 19, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3EgyptGermanyU-6 Saturday A
36999SaturdayOct 19, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2DenmarkFranceU-6 Saturday A
37005SaturdayOct 19, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4BelgiumCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
36996SaturdayOct 19, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2MexicoNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
36990SaturdayOct 19, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3USASwedenU-6 Saturday B
37041SaturdayOct 26, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3CroatiaFranceU-6 Saturday A
37035SaturdayOct 26, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4BelgiumGermanyU-6 Saturday A
37029SaturdayOct 26, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2EgyptDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
37014SaturdayOct 26, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2USAMexicoU-6 Saturday B
37020SaturdayOct 26, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3SwedenNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
37074SaturdayNov 2, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4GermanyFranceU-6 Saturday A
37065SaturdayNov 2, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2EgyptBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
37071SaturdayNov 2, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3DenmarkCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
37038SaturdayNov 2, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3USANetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
37044SaturdayNov 2, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2MexicoSwedenU-6 Saturday B
37092SaturdayNov 9, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 4DenmarkGermanyU-6 Saturday A
37086SaturdayNov 9, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 2EgyptCroatiaU-6 Saturday A
37089SaturdayNov 9, 20199:00AMU-6 Field 3BelgiumFranceU-6 Saturday A
37062SaturdayNov 9, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 3USASwedenU-6 Saturday B
37068SaturdayNov 9, 201910:30AMU-6 Field 2MexicoNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
37750SundaySep 15, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5BoliviaGermanyU-8 Sunday A
37738SundaySep 15, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4ChilePeruU-8 Sunday A
37744SundaySep 15, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3PortugalKenyaU-8 Sunday A
37747SundaySep 15, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4FranceItalyU-8 Sunday B
37741SundaySep 15, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GreeceBrazilU-8 Sunday B
37798SundaySep 22, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5ChileGermanyU-8 Sunday A
37804SundaySep 22, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4PortugalBoliviaU-8 Sunday A
37792SundaySep 22, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3PeruKenyaU-8 Sunday A
37783SundaySep 22, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4ItalyFranceU-8 Sunday B
37777SundaySep 22, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3BrazilGreeceU-8 Sunday B
37840SundaySep 29, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3GermanyPeruU-8 Sunday A
37846SundaySep 29, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5PortugalChileU-8 Sunday A
37843SundaySep 29, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4BoliviaKenyaU-8 Sunday A
37819SundaySep 29, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4FranceItalyU-8 Sunday B
37813SundaySep 29, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GreeceBrazilU-8 Sunday B
37768SundayOct 6, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5ChilePortugalU-8 Sunday A
37762SundayOct 6, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4KenyaBoliviaU-8 Sunday A
37756SundayOct 6, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3PeruGermanyU-8 Sunday A
37753SundayOct 6, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4BrazilItalyU-8 Sunday B
37759SundayOct 6, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GreeceFranceU-8 Sunday B
37780SundayOct 20, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5BoliviaChileU-8 Sunday A
37786SundayOct 20, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4GermanyKenyaU-8 Sunday A
37774SundayOct 20, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3PortugalPeruU-8 Sunday A
37771SundayOct 20, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4ItalyGreeceU-8 Sunday B
37765SundayOct 20, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3FranceBrazilU-8 Sunday B
37816SundayOct 27, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5GermanyPortugalU-8 Sunday A
37822SundayOct 27, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4KenyaChileU-8 Sunday A
37810SundayOct 27, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3BoliviaPeruU-8 Sunday A
37789SundayOct 27, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4ItalyBrazilU-8 Sunday B
37795SundayOct 27, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3FranceGreeceU-8 Sunday B
37837SundayNov 3, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5GermanyBoliviaU-8 Sunday A
37834SundayNov 3, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3KenyaPortugalU-8 Sunday A
37828SundayNov 3, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4PeruChileU-8 Sunday A
37807SundayNov 3, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4GreeceItalyU-8 Sunday B
37801SundayNov 3, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3BrazilFranceU-8 Sunday B
37852SundayNov 10, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 5ChileBoliviaU-8 Sunday A
37855SundayNov 10, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 4KenyaGermanyU-8 Sunday A
37849SundayNov 10, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 3PeruPortugalU-8 Sunday A
37825SundayNov 10, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 4BrazilItalyU-8 Sunday B
37831SundayNov 10, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 3GreeceFranceU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
37648SundaySep 15, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2AustraliaJamaicaU-8 Sunday A
37642SundaySep 15, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1KoreaMexicoU-8 Sunday A
37651SundaySep 15, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2JapanUruguayU-8 Sunday B
37645SundaySep 15, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ArgentinaRomaniaU-8 Sunday B
37684SundaySep 22, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2JamaicaAustraliaU-8 Sunday A
37678SundaySep 22, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1MexicoKoreaU-8 Sunday A
37687SundaySep 22, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2UruguayJapanU-8 Sunday B
37681SundaySep 22, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1RomaniaArgentinaU-8 Sunday B
37714SundaySep 29, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1KoreaMexicoU-8 Sunday A
37720SundaySep 29, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2AustraliaJamaicaU-8 Sunday A
37723SundaySep 29, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2JapanUruguayU-8 Sunday B
37717SundaySep 29, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ArgentinaRomaniaU-8 Sunday B
37660SundayOct 6, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1KoreaAustraliaU-8 Sunday A
37654SundayOct 6, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2MexicoJamaicaU-8 Sunday A
37657SundayOct 6, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2RomaniaUruguayU-8 Sunday B
37663SundayOct 6, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ArgentinaJapanU-8 Sunday B
37672SundayOct 20, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2JamaicaKoreaU-8 Sunday A
37666SundayOct 20, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1AustraliaMexicoU-8 Sunday A
37669SundayOct 20, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1JapanRomaniaU-8 Sunday B
37675SundayOct 20, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2UruguayArgentinaU-8 Sunday B
37696SundayOct 27, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1AustraliaKoreaU-8 Sunday A
37690SundayOct 27, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2JamaicaMexicoU-8 Sunday A
37693SundayOct 27, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2UruguayRomaniaU-8 Sunday B
37699SundayOct 27, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1JapanArgentinaU-8 Sunday B
37702SundayNov 3, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1MexicoAustraliaU-8 Sunday A
37708SundayNov 3, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2KoreaJamaicaU-8 Sunday A
37711SundayNov 3, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2ArgentinaUruguayU-8 Sunday B
37705SundayNov 3, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1RomaniaJapanU-8 Sunday B
37726SundayNov 10, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 2MexicoJamaicaU-8 Sunday A
37732SundayNov 10, 201912:30PMU-8 Field 1KoreaAustraliaU-8 Sunday A
37729SundayNov 10, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 2RomaniaUruguayU-8 Sunday B
37735SundayNov 10, 20192:00PMU-8 Field 1ArgentinaJapanU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
35862SaturdaySep 14, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersPanthers
35859SaturdaySep 14, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsJaguars
35865SaturdaySep 21, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsPanthers
35868SaturdaySep 21, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsTigers
35871SaturdaySep 28, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersJaguars
35874SaturdaySep 28, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1PanthersMustangs
35880SaturdayOct 5, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers
35877SaturdayOct 5, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsMustangs
35889SaturdayOct 19, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsTigers
35892SaturdayOct 19, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsPanthers
35898SaturdayOct 26, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersPanthers
35895SaturdayOct 26, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsJaguars
35901SaturdayNov 2, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1JaguarsPanthers
35904SaturdayNov 2, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1MustangsTigers
35883SaturdayNov 9, 20198:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersJaguars
35886SaturdayNov 9, 201910:00AMU-10 Field 1TigersMustangs

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
35907SaturdaySep 14, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsTidal Wave
35910SaturdaySep 14, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1SharksStingrays
35913SaturdaySep 21, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveStingrays
35916SaturdaySep 21, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1DolphinsSharks
35919SaturdaySep 28, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1SharksTidal Wave
35922SaturdaySep 28, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1StingraysDolphins
35925SaturdayOct 5, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveDolphins
35928SaturdayOct 5, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1StingraysSharks
35937SaturdayOct 19, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveSharks
35940SaturdayOct 19, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1DolphinsStingrays
35943SaturdayOct 26, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsTidal Wave
35946SaturdayOct 26, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1SharksStingrays
35949SaturdayNov 2, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1Tidal WaveStingrays
35952SaturdayNov 2, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1DolphinsSharks
35931SaturdayNov 9, 201911:30AMU-10 Field 1StingraysTidal Wave
35934SaturdayNov 9, 20191:00PMU-10 Field 1SharksDolphins

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
37880SaturdaySep 14, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8RevolutionRed Bulls
37883SaturdaySep 21, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsRevolution
37886SaturdaySep 28, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8RevolutionRed Bulls
37889SaturdayOct 5, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsRevolution
37895SaturdayOct 19, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsRevolution
37898SaturdayOct 26, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8RevolutionRed Bulls
37901SaturdayNov 2, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8Red BullsRevolution
37892SaturdayNov 9, 20198:30AMU-12 Field 8RevolutionRed Bulls

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
35669SaturdaySep 14, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomSpirit
35675SaturdaySep 21, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8SpiritFreedom
35681SaturdaySep 28, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomSpirit
35687SaturdayOct 5, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8SpiritFreedom
35699SaturdayOct 19, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomSpirit
35705SaturdayOct 26, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8SpiritFreedom
35711SaturdayNov 2, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8FreedomSpirit
35693SaturdayNov 9, 201911:30AMU-12 Field 8SpiritFreedom

PYSA - Grades 7 & 8 Co-ed

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
37904SundaySep 15, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks/Blue JaysBlueJays/Hawks
37907SundaySep 22, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8BlueJays/HawksHawks/Blue Jays
37910SundaySep 29, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks/Blue JaysBlueJays/Hawks
37913SundayOct 6, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8BlueJays/HawksHawks/Blue Jays
37919SundayOct 20, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8BlueJays/HawksHawks/Blue Jays
37922SundayOct 27, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks/Blue JaysBlueJays/Hawks
37925SundayNov 3, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8BlueJays/HawksHawks/Blue Jays
37916SundayNov 10, 201912:00PMU-12 Field 8Hawks/Blue JaysBlueJays/Hawks

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 1/2 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39074SaturdayOct 12, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody NinjasDanvers Falcons
39077SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 2 F7North Reading NightmarePeabody Warriors
39080SaturdayOct 12, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 2 F7Danvers FalconsPeabody Warriors
39083SaturdayOct 12, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody NinjasNorth Reading Nightmare
39086SundayOct 13, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 2 F7North Reading NightmareDanvers Falcons
39089SundayOct 13, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody WarriorsPeabody Ninjas
39092SundayOct 13, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 2 F7North Reading NightmarePeabody Ninjas
39095SundayOct 13, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody WarriorsDanvers Falcons

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 1/2 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39101SaturdayOct 12, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody JapanNorth Reading Sting
39098SaturdayOct 12, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 2 F7Danvers ThunderPeabody Fury
39107SaturdayOct 12, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 2 F7Danvers ThunderPeabody Japan
39104SaturdayOct 12, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody FuryNorth Reading Sting
39110SundayOct 13, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody JapanPeabody Fury
39113SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 2 F7North Reading StingDanvers Thunder
39119SundayOct 13, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 2 F7North Reading StingPeabody Japan
39116SundayOct 13, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 2 F7Peabody FuryDanvers Thunder

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 3/4 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38972SaturdayOct 12, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F3North Reading AzzurriPeabody MustangsElite
38940SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F1Charlestown Townies #1Wakefield RealElite
38954SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F2Peabody RaptorsWoburn Revs
38974SaturdayOct 12, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F3Peabody Soccer GeneralsWoburn Bull SharksPremier
38944SaturdayOct 12, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F1Peabody RaptorsWakefield RealElite
38960SaturdayOct 12, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F2Charlestown Townies #1Peabody MustangsElite
38945SaturdayOct 12, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F1North Reading AzzurriWoburn Revs
38947SaturdayOct 12, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F1Charlestown Townies #2Woburn Bull SharksPremier
38980SaturdayOct 12, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F3Saugus SharksDanvers Falcons
38949SaturdayOct 12, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 4 F1Danvers FalconsPeabody Soccer GeneralsPremier
38970SaturdayOct 12, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 4 F2Charlestown Townies #2Saugus Sharks
38986SundayOct 13, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F3North Reading AzzurriWakefield RealElite
39015SundayOct 13, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F1Charlestown Townies #1Peabody RaptorsElite
38990SundayOct 13, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F3Wakefield RealPeabody MustangsElite
39017SundayOct 13, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F1Charlestown Townies #2Peabody Soccer GeneralsPremier
38991SundayOct 13, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F3Woburn RevsCharlestown Townies #1
39018SundayOct 13, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F1Peabody RaptorsNorth Reading AzzurriElite
38994SundayOct 13, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F3Danvers FalconsCharlestown Townies #2Premier
39021SundayOct 13, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F1Saugus SharksWoburn Bull Sharks
39010SundayOct 13, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn RevsPeabody Mustangs
38999SundayOct 13, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 4 F3Danvers FalconsWoburn Bull SharksPremier
39013SundayOct 13, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 4 F2Peabody Soccer GeneralsSaugus Sharks

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 3/4 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38937SaturdayOct 12, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F1Peabody BreakersWoburn SavagesElite
38951SaturdayOct 12, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F2Danvers LightningMiddleton FORCE
38973SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F3Woburn Girl PowerLynn FirefliesPremier
38941SaturdayOct 12, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F1Peabody BreakersDanvers LightningElite
38957SaturdayOct 12, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn RebelsMiddleton FORCE
38976SaturdayOct 12, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F3Lynn FirefliesBeverly Panthers
38963SaturdayOct 12, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F2Peabody MajesticWakefield Red StarsPremier
38979SaturdayOct 12, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F3Woburn RebelsPeabody LasersElite
38968SaturdayOct 12, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn Girl PowerNorth Reading WildPremier
38965SaturdayOct 12, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn SavagesPeabody LasersElite
38984SaturdayOct 12, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 4 F3Beverly PanthersPeabody Majestic
38981SaturdayOct 12, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 4 F3North Reading WildWakefield Red StarsPremier
39001SundayOct 13, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 4 F2Middleton FORCEPeabody Breakers
38989SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F3Peabody MajesticNorth Reading WildPremier
39003SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn RebelsDanvers LightningElite
39016SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 4 F1Woburn Girl PowerWakefield Red StarsPremier
39006SundayOct 13, 201910:20AMTournament Grade 4 F2Middleton FORCEPeabody Lasers
39008SundayOct 13, 201911:30AMTournament Grade 4 F2Woburn RebelsWoburn SavagesElite
39009SundayOct 13, 201912:40PMTournament Grade 4 F2Peabody LasersPeabody BreakersElite
38997SundayOct 13, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F3Beverly PanthersNorth Reading Wild
39022SundayOct 13, 20191:50PMTournament Grade 4 F1Lynn FirefliesWakefield Red StarsPremier
39025SundayOct 13, 20193:00PMTournament Grade 4 F1Woburn SavagesDanvers LightningElite
39000SundayOct 13, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 4 F3Lynn FirefliesPeabody MajesticPremier
39027SundayOct 13, 20194:10PMTournament Grade 4 F1Beverly PanthersWoburn Girl Power

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 5/6 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38859SaturdayOct 12, 20198:05AMTournament Grade 6 F4Wakefield HotspurCharlestown Townies 5/6Elite
38884SaturdayOct 12, 201910:15AMTournament Grade 6 F5Peabody LightningWoburn Orange BullsElite
38869SaturdayOct 12, 201912:25PMTournament Grade 6 F4Charlestown Townies 5/6Peabody LightningElite
38889SaturdayOct 12, 20191:30PMTournament Grade 6 F5Wakefield HotspurWoburn Orange BullsElite
38875SaturdayOct 12, 20192:35PMTournament Grade 6 F4Beverly BlizzardLynn ChimerasPremier
38892SaturdayOct 12, 20192:35PMTournament Grade 6 F5Danvers SoundersWoburn BulldogsPremier
38877SaturdayOct 12, 20194:45PMTournament Grade 6 F4Lynn ChimerasSaugus StrikersPremier
38893SaturdayOct 12, 20194:45PMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn BulldogsBeverly BlizzardPremier
38894SundayOct 13, 20197:00AMTournament Grade 6 F4Peabody LightningWakefield HotspurElite
38896SundayOct 13, 20198:05AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn Orange BullsCharlestown Townies 5/6Elite
38917SundayOct 13, 20198:05AMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn BulldogsSaugus StrikersPremier
38921SundayOct 13, 201910:15AMTournament Grade 6 F5Beverly BlizzardDanvers SoundersPremier
38906SundayOct 13, 201912:25PMTournament Grade 6 F4Saugus StrikersBeverly BlizzardPremier
38909SundayOct 13, 20191:30PMTournament Grade 6 F4Danvers SoundersLynn ChimerasPremier
39143MondayOct 14, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn BulldogsBeverly BlizzardPremier
39154MondayOct 14, 20199:00AMTournament Grade 6 F4Wakefield HotspurWoburn Orange BullsElite
39146MondayOct 14, 201910:30AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn BulldogsLynn ChimerasPremier

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 5/6 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38856SaturdayOct 12, 20197:00AMTournament Grade 6 F4Peabody StarsBeverly BengalsOlympian
38878SaturdayOct 12, 20197:00AMTournament Grade 6 F5Wakefield CelticWoburn InfernoPremier
38881SaturdayOct 12, 20198:05AMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn StormPeabody Hot Shots IVElite
38862SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 6 F4Billerica SargentBeverly Black CatsElite
38880SaturdayOct 12, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 6 F5Beverly BengalsSaugus Jedi KnightsOlympian
38864SaturdayOct 12, 201910:15AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn ValkyrieWakefield OlympiakosOlympian
38866SaturdayOct 12, 201911:20AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn InfernoSaugus CailiniPremier
38886SaturdayOct 12, 201911:20AMTournament Grade 6 F5Peabody Hot Shots IVBeverly Black CatsElite
38888SaturdayOct 12, 201912:25PMTournament Grade 6 F5Lynn StarburstsWoburn ValkyrieOlympian
38872SaturdayOct 12, 20191:30PMTournament Grade 6 F4Charlestown Townies #1Georgetown BlazersPremier
38876SaturdayOct 12, 20193:40PMTournament Grade 6 F4Georgetown BlazersWoburn Tann3rsPremier
38914SundayOct 13, 20197:00AMTournament Grade 6 F5Lynn StarburstsWakefield OlympiakosOlympian
38897SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 6 F4Wakefield OlympiakosBeverly BengalsOlympian
38920SundayOct 13, 20199:10AMTournament Grade 6 F5Wakefield CelticCharlestown Townies #1Premier
38900SundayOct 13, 201910:15AMTournament Grade 6 F4Peabody StarsLynn StarburstsOlympian
38903SundayOct 13, 201911:20AMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn Tann3rsWakefield CelticPremier
38924SundayOct 13, 201911:20AMTournament Grade 6 F5Billerica SargentPeabody Hot Shots IVElite
38927SundayOct 13, 201912:25PMTournament Grade 6 F5Saugus CailiniGeorgetown BlazersPremier
38930SundayOct 13, 20191:30PMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn StormBillerica SargentElite
38910SundayOct 13, 20192:35PMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn InfernoCharlestown Townies #1Premier
38931SundayOct 13, 20192:35PMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn ValkyrieSaugus Jedi KnightsOlympian
38912SundayOct 13, 20193:40PMTournament Grade 6 F4Woburn Tann3rsSaugus CailiniPremier
38932SundayOct 13, 20193:40PMTournament Grade 6 F5Beverly Black CatsWoburn StormElite
38935SundayOct 13, 20194:45PMTournament Grade 6 F5Saugus Jedi KnightsPeabody StarsOlympian
39160MondayOct 14, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 6 F5Lynn StarburstsPeabody StarsOlympian
39150MondayOct 14, 20199:00AMTournament Grade 6 F5Woburn InfernoWakefield CelticPremier
39163MondayOct 14, 201910:30AMTournament Grade 6 F5Peabody StarsBeverly BengalsOlympian
39153MondayOct 14, 201912:00PMTournament Grade 6 F5Wakefield CelticGeorgetown BlazersPremier
39164MondayOct 14, 201912:00PMTournament Grade 6 F4Peabody Hot Shots IVBeverly Black CatsElite

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 7/8 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38518SaturdayOct 12, 20198:40AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody DestroyersWoburn Orange CrewElite
38512SaturdayOct 12, 20198:40AMTournament Grade 8 F9Peabody AvengersMelrose LebanonElite
38515SaturdayOct 12, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F8Melrose FellswayPeabody DestroyersElite
38506SaturdayOct 12, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn Orange CrewPeabody AvengersElite
38521SundayOct 13, 20198:40AMTournament Grade 8 F8Melrose FellswayPeabody AvengersElite
38509SundayOct 13, 20198:40AMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn Orange CrewMelrose LebanonElite
38524SundayOct 13, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F8Melrose LebanonPeabody DestroyersElite
38528SundayOct 13, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F9Melrose FellswayWoburn Orange CrewElite
39124MondayOct 14, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody DestroyersMelrose FellswayElite
39127MondayOct 14, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody DestroyersMelrose LebanonElite

PYSA Fall Invitational - Grade 7/8 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
38629SaturdayOct 12, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody StrikersMarblehead LightningElite
38620SaturdayOct 12, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn WarriorsBeverly Monkeys on FireElite
38611SaturdayOct 12, 20199:50AMTournament Grade 8 F8Melrose Lady RaidersPeabody StrikersElite
38602SaturdayOct 12, 20199:50AMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn WarriorsMarblehead LightningElite
38596SaturdayOct 12, 201912:10PMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody StormWoburn CelticsPremier
38587SaturdayOct 12, 201912:10PMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn TannersBeverly BlitzPremier
38626SaturdayOct 12, 20191:20PMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody UnitedWoburn Orange CrushOlympian
38635SaturdayOct 12, 20191:20PMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn TannerettesSaugus Iron WorkersOlympian
38623SaturdayOct 12, 20192:30PMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody StormBeverly BlitzPremier
38632SaturdayOct 12, 20192:30PMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn CelticsWoburn TannersPremier
38590SaturdayOct 12, 20193:40PMTournament Grade 8 F8Saugus Iron WorkersPeabody UnitedOlympian
38599SaturdayOct 12, 20193:40PMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn Orange CrushWoburn TannerettesOlympian
38593SundayOct 13, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody StrikersWoburn WarriorsElite
38584SundayOct 13, 20197:30AMTournament Grade 8 F9Beverly Monkeys on FireMelrose Lady RaidersElite
38638SundayOct 13, 20199:50AMTournament Grade 8 F9Marblehead LightningMelrose Lady RaidersElite
38640SundayOct 13, 20199:50AMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody StrikersBeverly Monkeys on FireElite
38614SundayOct 13, 201912:10PMTournament Grade 8 F8Woburn TannersPeabody StormPremier
38605SundayOct 13, 201912:10PMTournament Grade 8 F9Beverly BlitzWoburn CelticsPremier
38608SundayOct 13, 20191:20PMTournament Grade 8 F8Peabody UnitedWoburn TannerettesOlympian
38617SundayOct 13, 20191:20PMTournament Grade 8 F9Saugus Iron WorkersWoburn Orange CrushOlympian
39132MondayOct 14, 20198:00AMTournament Grade 8 F9Marblehead LightningBeverly Monkeys on FireElite
39136MondayOct 14, 20199:30AMTournament Grade 8 F8Beverly BlitzPeabody StormPremier
39137MondayOct 14, 20199:30AMTournament Grade 8 F9Woburn Orange CrushSaugus Iron WorkersOlympian
39135MondayOct 14, 201911:00AMTournament Grade 8 F9Marblehead LightningMelrose Lady RaidersElite